Sandra Duran Wilson: Awakening Your Creative Soul | September 13-17, 2020

Sandra Duran Wilson: Awakening Your Creative Soul | September 13-17, 2020

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Learn about acrylic painting mediums and how to use them to enhance your vision, extend your paints and create amazing texture while developing your own personal visual vocabulary of mark-making.

Check In: Sunday, September 13th, 2020 | Check Out: Thursday, September 17th, 2020
Tuition + Meals: $975 per person
With Shared Lodging Package: $1,475 per person
With Private Lodging Package: $1,895 per person

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$35 supply fee due to instructor upon arrival.


My newest book, Awakening Your Creative Soul, has resonated with folks all over the globe. We creatives are seeking new ways to connect and create that is in alignment with our soul intentions. We will have four wonderful days to dig deep into our purpose and create with intention, learn new techniques that you can shape to fit your own vision and confront and release whatever is holding you back from realizing your artistic dreams and desires. This may seem like a lot to accomplish in four days, but that is the power and synergy of a group.

painting by Sandra Duran Wilson

You will learn about acrylic painting mediums and how to use them to enhance your vision, extend your paints and create amazing texture. I love deep textures and radiant color, and I will share techniques to keep your colors vibrant and how to control your palette, so the colors always work together. We will create several small paintings based on mood, ranging from rich textures and colors to smooth and serene.

Serenity painting by Sandra Duran Wilson

You will learn:

  • how to mix your colors so they all “talk” to each other.

  • the secrets of acrylic gels, mediums and pastes.

  • How to explore optical color mixing.

  • Create layers using implied and applied texture.

  • Composition tricks to evoke moods within a painting.

Sunset painting by Sandra Duran Wilson

Another day will find us exploring out inner landscape. You will develop your own personal visual vocabulary of mark-making. What shapes resonate with you and how may you use those to tell your personal story. We create with words, shapes and paint. You can create a painting of your archetype using some innovative materials and tools.

You will incorporate:

  • Mark making styles using various tools including found objects.

  • Personal narrative and translate this to an abstract painting background

  • Learn how to create crackles, both opaque and transparent.

  • 3-D objects and how to integrate them into the composition.

  • Work with collage layers.

Gateway painting by Sandra Duran Wilson

Discover your still point within the chaos of creation. You will create intuitively. Use color, make a mark; then contemplate and respond. I will walk with you on this journey. Unleashing your spontaneity and uncensored creativity is absolutely liberating as you silence the internal critic. Your creative soul will be eternally grateful for learning how to collaborate with the gremlins. Then you will begin the dance. Learn to let go of the preciousness of the painting and uncover the masterpiece that lives inside of the wildness.

Bending Light painting by Sandra Duran Wilson

What you will experience:

  • How to listen to your first response

  • Accepting your process

  • What to do when the gremlin rears its head. This is different than the artistic helper and you will learn how to distinguish the two.

  • The process of trusting and bringing the pieces together to tell a cohesive story.

  • You will learn veiling techniques.

  • Experience the power of working with opacity and transparency to enhance your painting.

  • Learn how to integrate collage papers that you have created.

  • How to use stencils in innovative ways. Own them and make them your own.

  • Make your own stamps

  • Gampi tissue and transfers will pull the story together.

This painting will take us two days and you may wish to work on two. This is a wonderful way to create a dialogue between two paintings, like in a diptych.

Follow Ribbon painting by Sandra Duran Wilson

I will be bringing most supplies for a small fee. This assures that we are all on the same page with products, and it saves you having to haul them all on your journey.

Into the Deep painting by Sandra Duran Wilson


Download + Print

Materials Kit $35 includes:

  • All Ampersand painting panels

  • Acrylic paints

  • Acrylic gels, pastes and mediums

  • Crackle mediums

  • Gampi Tissue

  • Transfers

  • Sand paper

  • Specialty papers

  • Deli sheets

  • Stamp making materials

  • Clay

  • Fabrics

  • Metallic Lustre Cremes

Sandra will bring to share:

  • Stencils

  • Texture plates

  • Collage materials

  • Pencils, pens and more fun stuff

Participants should bring:

  • Notebook and pen

  • Foam roller (email instructor if you have questions on this)

  • Synthetic brushes – Instructor likes Taklon brush sets that include a flat, fan, angle, round and a liner

  • Stepped handle, or trowel palette knife plastic or metal

  • Scissors

  • Painting palette (Instructor finds it is easy to use coated paper plates. We will be working wet, so flat palettes may not work for all processes.)

  • Spray bottle for water

  • Spray bottle for alcohol

  • Container for water/brushes

  • Paper towels

  • Apron

  • Gloves, if you like

  • Wax paper for wrapping finished paintings

  • Heat gun – optional


Sandra Duran Wilson is the author of 6 art books, 3 DVDs and numerous online classes. She writes for Cloth Paper Scissors and Acrylic Artist magazines. She has been honored to jury both national and regional art shows and her artwork appears in civic, corporate and private collections across the US, Europe and Australia. Her background in research science provides a great foundation for exploring and experimenting with materials and concepts. Her experience as a Spirituality counselor led her to combine art, science and soul in bringing her newest book to light, Awakening your Creative Soul. She explores many art products and consults with paint companies and art suppliers to bring products and know-how to workshops around the world.

She lives in Santa Fe, NM

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