Janet Rogers: Watercolor Impressions: From Flowers to Figures | June 21-25, 2020

Janet Rogers: Watercolor Impressions: From Flowers to Figures | June 21-25, 2020

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Develop a loose and natural approach to painting flowers, faces and figures with Nationally recognized watercolor artist, Janet Rogers. All levels welcome.

Check In: Sunday, June 21st, 2020 | Check Out: Thursday, June 25th, 2020
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Fresh flowers in the studio will be the inspiration for the beginning of this dynamic workshop – progressing to faces and figures. Through a series of “fun” painting exercises, students will develop a more loose and natural approach – giving them an opportunity to be more spontaneous and expressive in their paintings. We will move into painting people, learning how to express translucent flesh tones, while focusing on the gesture of the person.  Painting children will also be covered as well as an approach to quickly interpret the figure.   Although we will be working primarily with photographs, we will probably have a chance to work from a model….so bring your camera!

Some students may want to paint just figures or just flowers, although the demonstrations and instruction are geared to beginning with flowers and ending with faces and figures. 

Janet will demonstrate her intuitive approach throughout the workshop and work individually with each student, as well as class instruction.  “Show and Tell” sessions will be included so that students can see their progression as well as their fellow students.  This is always an invaluable tool.

Our goals will be to “see” in new ways – bringing “life” and interpretation to flowers and people, and also to discover intuitive color and design.



WATERCOLOR PAPERS:  I suggest  140lb Coldpressed (prefer Arches Bright White- rougher side for paintings. - Also Arches 140lb Rough will work also – sometimes Fabriano or Kiimanjaro too)  It will be helpful to have extra watercolor paper (could be backs of old paintings, etc.) for painting exercises. (but Arches best even for exercises)  Of course, you will also need a board (I use a plastic board approx. 17” x 23” – but even foamcore board will do -  to support your painting – as I paint on an angle).  We do many paintings, so please bring enough watercolor paper (approx. 2 to 5 paintings per day – can be ½ sheets(I work on ½ sheets) or ¼ sheets if need be).

OTHER PAPERS:  drawing paper will be needed in any portrait or figure workshop.  (I will have extra with me)

PENCILS:  I suggest a #2B pencil for drawing on the watercolor paper, but really love the ebony pencils (or 6B) for drawing exercises (on sketch paper).  A kneaded eraser and pencil sharpener will be handy.

PALETTE: I use various palettes, such as “Jones Palette”,  “Cheap Joe’s ”, etc. – I also use a Jasper tray (plastic type butcher tray) to make more “pigment puddles”.  Palettes should have individual wells plus area for mixing (large flat areas).

OTHER STUFF:   Although, I will supply some fresh flowers, feel free to bring some favorites of yours also (for Flower Workshops). Hair dryer (we can share), large container for water (I use a bucket), paper towels (I strongly suggest Bounty).  We will work from photos for the Figurative part of the workshop and may have a model at some point.  Please bring photos of people to work from (can be friends, family, someone who interests you or even from magazines – since this is for practice) ones with good lights and darks (shadow shapes).  Ideally shadow shapes should be more than ½ of face.  (Please see my website for sample). I will also have some photos if you don’t have any you like.  Many students will be interested in painting children, which we will also cover. You may want to bring a “pre-drawn” drawing on wc paper for your portrait or  portrait/figures – but we will also do drawings in class – it just may be “reassuring” if you are new to painting or drawing people.  Also you may want to bring tracing paper to trace your own drawing again to have for practicing flesh tones.  Drawing aids will be available for new students (I have some you can use)   

CAMERA, I-PHONE, I-PAD, etc. It is always a good idea to have this option to take photos in the workshop – and could be invaluable in case a model may be used.  – A short time with a model is always a possibility!

BRUSHES:  I like the following:  A ¾” “Flat” brush such as Loew-Cornell Series 7550 Wash, a “One Stroke" such as the ¾” or 1” Loew-Cornell Series 7100; "Round" such as Loew-Cornell Series 7700 size 26, and Loew-Cornell Series 7000 size 14; "Ultra Round", Loew-Cornell Series 7020 size 14; a small 1/2" flat (Loew-Cornell Series 7550 Wash) for making "puddles".  I use these brushes, but bring what you have.  In the workshop you may try mine to see if you like them before you buy them. 


Limited  Pigments List of Watercolors (you can get by on these )
These colors are all mostly transparent and do well in mixing other colors.
This list is to help students who do not have access to all the colors I use  - 

PLEASE NOTE:  there are six colors in bold…..these are the strongest recommended!! (two limited triads)

TRIAD #1 – Light to Mid Values
Aureolin (a transparent cool yellow) (Winsor-Newton) or Daniel Smith *or Sour Lemon (AJ)
Permanent Rose (a cool pink – I use a lot – Am. Journey, or W/N)
Cobalt Blue (American Journey, or W/N or Holbein)

TRIAD #2 – Mid to Dark Values
Quinacridone Gold (a very intense transparent bright yellow gold) (Winsor-Newton or Daniel Smith or Holbein)
Permanent Alizarin Crimson (a deep cool pink/red) Holbein or W/N
Ultramarine Blue (AJ, W/N or Holbein)  - probably all same – please not French Ultramarine

Raw Sienna (a soft warm yellow-brown) (American Journey
Burnt Sienna (a transparent strong brown) (Winsor-Newton only)
Cerulean Blue (W/N) or Sky Blue (American Journey)*
Prussian Blue (American Journey or other)
Janet’s Violet Rose (American Journey)*
Skip’s Green (Am. Journey)
Sap Green
Mineral Violet (Holbein)
Cerulean Blue Hue (formerly Arctic Ice) (American Journey) 

(ANY AMERICAN JOURNEY COLORS I WILL HAVE AT WORKSHOP)  you can see and test them.  These colors are terrific!
*recommended – will help much!

THESE LIMITED TRIADS WOULD REALLY BE ALL YOU NEED BUT I USE MORE COLORS.  DO NOT WANT YOU TO WORRY ABOUT BRINGING EVERYTHING!!!  I will have some colors you can try. Most of the colors I use are listed on my website.


Janet has been a working professional artist for over 32 years, and is a National Instructor, conducting workshops all over the United States and in Europe, and is a Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society, Florida Watercolor Society, as well as others, winning many awards for her paintings.  As well as a national instructor, she has demonstrated extensively for various groups and exhibitions. Four instructional DVDS have been filmed on Janet’s work, and she has been published in articles featuring her portraits, and the book “The One Hour Watercolorist.”

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Janet currently resides in Ormond Beach, Florida with watercolorist Steve Rogers, AWS. Janet is a popular watercolor instructor, and is well-known for her portraits and floral paintings.  She has received Signature Membership of the American Watercolor Society, and Florida Watercolor Society and Member with Excellence of the South Carolina Watercolor Society.  Numerous awards include:

Best of Show – Vero Beach, Fl – 2010
Best of Two Dimensional – Naples National Art Festival – 2009
4th Place – Florida Watercolor Society 2008
Best of Two Dimensional – Bonita Springs, FL 2004
American Artist Award – Florida Watercolor – 2004
2nd & Award of Distinction – Vero Beach, Fl – 1998 & 2003 & 2012
Finalist – Artist Magazine Competition – Portraits – 1998
3rd Place – Florida Watercolor Society – 1997 and recent other awards

Janet has exhibited her watercolors and has been an invited artist to demonstrate her watercolors in many shows and festivals, including:

American Watercolor Society – New York, NY
Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, Winter Park, FL
Festival of the Masters – Disney – Lake Buena Vista, FL   
Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival – Lake Buena Vista, FL*
Florida Watercolor Society*

Watercolor workshops are part of Janet’s schedule. She has been invited to be the instructor for many workshops in the United States and in Europe, including:

Italy, France & Spain – Webster’s World, IlChiostro, Domaine du Haut Barran
Greek Islands, Greece – Art Tours, Inc.
Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff – Boone, NC
Art Center Sarasota – Sarasota, FL
The Armory – Master Artists Workshops – West Palm Beach, FL
Kanuga – Hendersonville, NC
Traverse City Art Center, Traverse City, Michigan, and Petoskey
Springmaid Watermedia Workshops, Myrtle Beach, SC
Coastal Maine Art Workshops, Rockland, Maine
WC Society of Alabama,  Pennsylvania WC, Rhode Island WC, Utah WC Society, Delaware WC Society, California WC Society, Indiana WC, and many others      

Janet’s work is represented in the Northlight Gallery in Kennybunkport, Maine, and is included in the book “The One-Hour Watercolorist” by Patrick Seslar, published by North Light.  Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, Boone, NC has produced four new DVD’s by Janet. “Expressive Watercolor Portraits”, “Expressive Watercolor Florals”, “Watercolor Rhythms with Figures”, and Expressing the Bouquet in Watercolor”. Janet’s work has been featured in American Artist Magazine, as well as other publications.


“I love the qualities of watercolor – its fluid nature.  To me, the interaction of artist with the medium is like a dance – full of motion, feeling and expression.  I love to watch the painting develop and to discover new color and composition.”   As a teacher, I would like to enable students to find their connections with watercolor in a new and expressive way.”  Janet Rogers, AWS

contact // janet@watercolorsbyrogers.com
web // http://www.watercolorsbyrogers.com/ 

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