Dani Ives: Painting with Wool | September 15-19, 2019

Dani Ives: Painting with Wool | September 15-19, 2019

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Explore the possibilities of using wool fibers to create needle felted paintings! All levels welcome.

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Check In: Sunday, September 15th, 2019 | Check Out: Thursday, September 19th, 2019

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In this workshop students will explore the diversity of using wool fibers as a “painting” medium by diving into the world of two-dimensional needle felting.  Needle felting is a process that uses barbed needles to attach fibers to a base textile, often wool felt or linen. Dani will introduce techniques to help students learn how to create different effects with wool fibers, including how to blend, layer, and create different textures to compose beautiful fiber art.  Students will also explore how to use color in impactful ways.  Other topics will include useful tools for felting, exploring different materials and textiles, the forgiving nature and breadth of the medium, and framing and presentation techniques for wool paintings.  Demonstrations and various exercises will be available for those keen on practicing techniques.



  • Needle Felting Foam Pad, at least 12 inch x 12 inch or similar size (livingfelt.com, thewoolery.com, dhgshop.it)

  • Felting Needles: size 38 star (4-6), size 40 or 42 triangle (1 or 2), any additional as desired

  • Embroidery hoop(s): optional for framing, I recommend 6” or larger

  • Background Textiles: Three or more pieces of wool felt (1mm thick), 8”x10” or larger.  One or two will be for practicing techniques, one or more will be used for full projects. If you’d like to frame a project in an embroidery hoop, make sure the felt piece is larger than the hoop by one inch on all sides. (www.weircrafts.com is a great source for wool felt.) Bring other pieces of background textiles as desired for experimenting: examples include linen, burlap, cotton, velvet, etc.

  • Wool in a variety of colors for your subjects. I recommend carded wool batts with short fibers (not roving or top, which has longer, combed fibers.) Great fibers include the MC-1 batts and Short Fiber Merino at LivingFelt.com, and the Maori wool batts and Carded Merino at Dyeing House Gallery (www.DHGShop.it). Most suppliers sell wool in 2 oz increments, which will go a very long way.

  • Paper/utensils for sketching ideas and for image transfer. 

  • Reference photos, if desired

  • If you’d like to do a portrait, bring a clear photo to be replicated that is printed on paper and sized to the finished piece.


Dani is a self-taught fiber artist based in Northwest Arkansas. Her inspiration comes from a love of nature, science and a past career as a conservation educator and working with animals. After indulging in needle felting as a hobby and creating hundreds of three-dimensional pieces, Dani discovered the thrill of felting  two-dimensional images in 2014. She found this style more challenging yet more artistically fulfilling.  Over the course of a few years, Dani has developed a distinct style of needle felting that she calls painting with wool.  She attempts to mimic traditional painting and drawing practices with nontraditional materials like fibers and textiles and loves sharing these techniques with her students.  Dani has taught hundreds of students in workshops, classrooms and online courses across the US and internationally.

contact // hello@daniives.com
web // https://www.daniives.com/
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