Amie Heeter: Yoga and Meditation Retreat: We are Renewable Resources | August 11-15, 2019

Amie Heeter: Yoga and Meditation Retreat: We are Renewable Resources | August 11-15, 2019


Registration for this retreat has closed. Please click here for information on Amie Heeter’s 2020 retreat offering.

Join Parayogini Amie Heeter for this soul quenching immersion to bring you home to yourself. This retreat centers on the idea that we are not fixed creatures, but are instead capable of reclaiming innate vitality, awareness, and sustained well being amidst the turbulence life presents. Through discussion of yogic teachings sourced in tantra and ayurveda and applied technique, we will explore how to leverage this innate resiliency with daily practices of postures, breath-work, and meditation in addition to group discussion, writing, and reflection. All levels welcome.

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Registration for this retreat has closed. Please click here to learn more about Amie Heeter’s 2020 Retreat offering.

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Classes will be taught in the style of Parayoga, which combines breath work, dynamic movement in and out of postures, and intelligent sequencing to cultivate heightened awareness and sensitivity to the subtle body. We will explore techniques of mudra, bandha, and mantra to potentize our experience and highlight the power of meditation as a seminal practice to not only endure but thrive in these challenging times, as well as awaken our inner belonging.  Yoga is a practice and orientation towards living that allows the reclamation of our innate vitality, honors our longing for connection and purpose, and enables us to meet challenges with the possibility of growth and wisdom.  This retreat is focused upon these timeless teachings, paired with practical tools of how to reclaim this resiliency in our everyday lives.  Each day we will gather for discussion, practice, writing, time outside to integrate this process of renewal and remembrance.


  • Yoga mat

  • Any personal props you wish to use (Wild Rice Retreat offers use of some yoga mats and props)


Amie Heeter has been practicing yoga since 1999 and received her initial Level 1 & 2 certifications from the Integral Yoga Institute in 2003 and 2004. In 2007 she began studying intently with Yogarupa Rod Stryker, and became a Level 1 certified Parayoga instructor in 2014.  She continues to study closely the teachings and living tradition of Parayoga and teaches true to this influential practice.  She is a 500hr level teacher whose teaching style can be characterized as impactful, inclusive, clear, and transformative.

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