Tiffany Noelle Johnson Memento Mori

October 22-25, 2023 Go back
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Want to do something especially meaningful this fall season? Embrace 'Memento Mori' one of the primary meditations of the ancient philosophy of Stoicism that translates to 'Remember, that you are mortal.'  As nature transitions to a time of deep rest, we can use this gentle reminder to acknowledge our inevitable final transition. Join a deeply caring and experienced end-of-life guide/doula to process grief, hone your legacy plans, and be inspired to love the live you have! 

Check in: October 22, 2023

Check out: October 25, 2023

Cost: Treehaus Package + WTSP -  Memento Mori Retreat : $1,717

Local Area Guest pricing: $675

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Class description

We've all experienced grief in some form or another. How do we use this tender awareness to create a more loving and compassionate  existence for ourselves and others? 

Bravely embark on on this journey of grief work and self discovery. Learn new ways to listen to your inner voice to help you make important decisions that will allow you to live the life you have more fully! 

All faiths, cultural backgrounds, sexual and gender orientations are welcome. This will be a safe and loving space to make sure everyone has an opportunity to create a beautiful and dignified end of life plan. This retreat experience is also a wonderful option for those wishing to help aging loved ones write their own wishes and directives.


Tiffany Noelle Johnson has over 25 years of professional experience combining skills as a self employed death doula, end of life support guide, massage therapist, sacred space creator (including interior design), and community engagement facilitator. She enjoys working alongside individuals in the medical community, with alternative healing practitioners, as well as people faced with dementia or other life altering healthcare needs. Her experience and work within the funeral and cemetery industry has given her a knowledge and understanding that there are many ways to celebrate our loved ones yet many people aren’t aware of their options, or find what they would have wanted too late. This has fueled her passion to educate people about all the ways we can honor those dear to us by preparing our own wishes and supporting those we love to do the same. In addition to human caregiving, Tiffany is also deeply attuned to animals and supporting their people through pet loss using artwork and ceremony.

“I am here to bear witness to your end of life journey and can help you create a dignified and well thought out final transition”.

-Tiffany Noelle Johnson

Tiffany's passion for her craft and tender approach to health and death care enable her to effectively lead clients through their unique challenges around end of life concerns to find what works best for them. She guides individuals with strategic planning tools and referrals that honor their personal and cultural needs.




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Supply List

  1. Please bring:
  2. A sentimental personal item from a deceased loved one and or photo
  3. A writing journal

If you choose to attend the optional Daily Flow yoga classes on-site, Wild Rice Retreat offers mats, blankets, blocks and straps if you prefer not to bring your own.  Chairs are also provided for guests who require them