Stacy Fisher and Anna KrishtalEmbodied Mind: A Journey into the Subconscious

September 24-27, 2023 Go back
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Have you ever considered your body has a message for you?

What if the pain in your shoulders, neck, or back were indeed trying to tell you something?

The truth is: your body does indeed have something to tell you, and in fact, there is a specific way to listen to these messages in a way that bypasses years of guessing and overthinking.

The same way that you can learn the language of an infant, toddler, plant, or puppy, you can learn the language of your body, and also your subconscious mind.

What would it be like to be so in tune with your body and its messages that it just clicks and you get it?

That is exactly what the Embodied Mind Retreat is all about.

Check In: September 24, 2023

Check Out: September 27, 2023

Nest: $2200

Rice Pod: $2000

Tree Haus: $1800

BONUS OFFER (Private Sessions + Group Classes - Value $400) for all registrations made prior to August 1, 2023

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Class description

Come treat your body and mind to a transformative retreat on the healing waters of Lake Superior with your hosts Anna Krishtal, Subconscious Translator and Stacy Fisher of Fisher Fitness for a one-of-a-kind retreat at the peaceful Wild Rice Retreat. 

Join us as we delve deep into the remarkable connection between the body and the subconscious mind. Together, we will explore the concept that the body keeps the score of our past experiences, traumas, emotions, injuries, and movement patterns. By understanding this connection, we can access profound healing and realignment of our inner and outer selves. 
Through a powerful combination of Mindful Yoga + Breathwork, MELT Method,  Hypnotherapy, and Yoga Nidra, you will learn to speak the language of your subconscious mind and uncover and reframe subconscious beliefs, allowing you to release limiting patterns and embrace positive change. During  this retreat, you will learn self-care techniques to nurture and rejuvenate your body, melting away tension and creating space for you to release deeply ingrained patterns.

Sample Schedule:

Arrival Day at Wild Rice Retreat 

3:00 pm  Check in, settle in, explore the beauty alongside Lake Superior.

4:30-5:30 pm -  Centering Yoga + Yoga Nidra

6:00- 7:00 pm – Opening Circle; Appetizers + Welcome Drink

7:00pm – Arrival Dinner- we will gather as a group nightly for dinner.

A Typical Schedule: (on average 2-3 guided classes per day. Subject to change)

7:30-8:00 am           Nature Walk

8:00-9:00 am          Light Breakfast

9:00-10:00 am        Vinyasa Yoga and/ or MELT Method

10:30 am-12:30 pm   Brunch          

2:00-2:30  pm          Yoga Nidra Meditation 

2:30-4:30 pm          Self-guided Integration time: connecting to                                the subconscious mind through nature

4:30-5:30 pm         Yin or Restorative Yoga and/or MELT Method

6:30-7:00 pm          Grab a drink or a mocktail and catch up with friends

7:00 pm                     Group Dinner



Stacy Fisher - Fisher Fitness

Stacy is a wellness coach, movement practitioner, and bodyworker. She holds degrees in Kinesiology- Exercise Science and Spanish, has 18 years of experience and 2 decades of ongoing study. She finds immense joy in problem solving the ever-evolving human form; in body, mind, and soul. Her initial career track to be a Physical Therapist felt too limiting, pushing her into a more holistic path of prevention, rehabilitation, and performance. Her work is informed by extensive training in a variety of progressive and researched modalities aimed at restoring health and improving vitality. Some include: Functional Fitness, MELT Method, Alignment Based Yoga, Breathwork, Yoga Nidra, Fascial Stretch Therapy, and Health Coaching.
One who has taken the hard path to healing and found these tools out of necessity, Stacy quite literally feels your pain. Struggling with her own chronic shoulder and neck pain from the ages of 15-22 from a volleyball overuse injury led her to find solutions that actually worked, while improving her self-awareness, ultimately empowering her to become the expert about her own body and finally get out of pain.
Stacy’s multidisciplinary, flexible and teamwork style of coaching leads her clients to simultaneously listen to their intuition while being guided with an efficient and sustainable approach. Stacy offers in-person, online, on-demand and retreats for private clients, groups, and corporate wellness.
She enjoys spending time in nature with her family, cooking, and is currently relearning to play the piano.

Contact: Stacy Fisher



Anna Krishtal - Subconcious Translator
Anna is a multi-passionate guide.  Some of the titles she holds are hypnotherapist, yoga instructor, psychedelic coach, and retreat leader.  Through deep subconscious work Anna guides individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With a deep reverence for nature and an unwavering commitment to understanding the intricacies of the subconscious mind, Anna strives to help you break free from the constraints of societal expectations and take radical responsibility for your life. Through my unique blend of modalities, I empower you to release limiting beliefs, embrace your authenticity, and create a life that is abundant, fulfilling, and aligned with their truest desires. With unwavering passion and dedication, I invite others to join me on a path of self-exploration, inner healing, and the courageous pursuit of a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Supply List

  • An open mind
  • Willingness to be vulnerable and connect
  • A transformation/change-oriented attitude
  • Comfortable clothes for yoga and hiking
    • Recommended:
      • 2-4 pairs of leggings
      • 2-3 sports bras
      • t-shirts for daytime, and long sleeves for layering
      • 3 pairs of socks/underwear
      • hoodie for nighttime/warm layers
  • Comfortable shoes for outdoor activities, a pair of casual comfy shoes (if different from hiking shoes)
  • Bathing suit for Sauna/ Rainshower
  • Casual, loose fitting clothing for hanging out
  • Pajamas
  • Toiletries (make sure to pack sunscreen)
  • Backpack for hiking
  • Hat for sun protection
  • Water bottle (non-negotiable, and the bigger, the better)
  • Any medication/vitamins you may take regularly
  • Journal and pen(s)
  • Any crystals you may find supportive to your journey
  • Headphones for when you want to chill out solo
  • Any book you may be reading
  • If you're attached to your yoga mat, bring it, otherwise we have all equipment at the retreat for you to borrow