Stiles Anderson & Matt StahlAscent Recalibration Retreat

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Activate a way to live that elevates your potential in life.  At Ascent we believe four elements can unlock, strengthen, and inspire human potential in all of us.

  • Wellness - Mind, body, and soul. Take care of your vessel.
  • Adventure - The call to adventure is in all of us and reminds us why we’re alive.
  • Connection - Relationships and connections are all we truly have.
  • Pursuit - Who we become and what we create will be our legacy.

The Ascent Recalibration is a three day + three night, all-inclusive experience to help you unplug, recharge, experience connection and adventure, and chart your course ahead with intention. It's about taking respite from the busyness of life. To slow down, nourish your body and mind, and take time to focus on your path forward and the things that matter most.

Outcomes of the Ascent Recalibration

As a participant you can expect to come back energized, rejuvenated, recalibrated, clear-headed, and focused with committed action. One step closer to being your best-self, for you and for the world around you. As we like to say - "Always in pursuit."

Check In: 5/22/24 at 3pm

Check Out: 5/25/24 at 12 pm

Tuition: $3,200; $2,900 if booked before 5/1/24

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Class description

While each Ascent Recalibration is unique, they all follow a proven framework that includes:

  • Reflection and mindfulness work
  • Physical fitness and mobility practices
  • Chef-crafted, nourishing whole-food meals
  • Adventure activities out in nature
  • Solo ASCENT thinking + working time
  • Structured down time
  • Contextualized learning
  • Peer connection and conversation


Stiles has always lived an active and adventurous life and takes pride in his pursuit to be constantly growing and improving in all that he does.  As co-founder of Project Ascent, Stiles is able to dedicate time to his passion in helping inspired people active a way to live that maximizes their potential in life.

Outside of Project Ascent, Stiles is President and partner at Studio/E, an Exploratory Leadership consultancy and leadership development firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Through his work at Studio/E, Stiles is well practiced at helping leaders and organizations create new value and build confidence and resilience when navigating ambiguity and change. Stiles has spent much of his career as a senior leader, consultant, and advisor to organizations of all shapes and sizes.  Stiles’ path has been winding, but along the way, his business pursuits have been driven by one thing - creating impact through proactive leadership, sound strategy, and deliberate execution.  

Stiles is also co-owner alongside Matt Stahl and their spouses in FitHAUS, a community-centric fitness gym in Long Lake, MN focused on a variety of training – CrossFit, strength and conditioning, yoga, and barre.

Stiles is an avid skier, mountain biker, outdoor adventurer, and wellness enthusiast. In his spare time, you can find Stiles adventuring with the four most important people in his life: his wife and three children.  They enjoy spending time on the North Shore of Lake Superior and in the mountains of Utah and Colorado.


One of Matt’s favorite activities is to ‘breathe hard in nature’.  Through much self exploration while in nature, the core values of Project Ascent became clear.  The core Ascent values of Wellness, Adventure, Connection and Pursuit very much overlap with Matt’s approach to life in general.  He views Ascent as the medium through which he can share the transformative impact this life practice can have on elevating our human potential.

Outside of Project Ascent, Matt is co-owner and founder of FitHAUS alongside his wife, Katie, and Stiles Anderson and his spouse.  FitHAUS is a functional fitness community located in Long Lake, MN offering several disciplines.

He recently sold his share of Fiat Wealth Management, a wealth management firm founded in 2009, located in Wayzata, MN.  While at Fiat, he played the role of private wealth manager, President, and currently serves as Chief Mentoring Officer at Fiat.

Matt enjoys ‘breathing hard in nature’ with his family more than anyone.  His wife, Katie, and him have four children and one excitable dog.  You can often find them snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, or on the soccer ‘pitch’ watching one of their four soccer players.


Supply List

Packing list will be provided upon registration.