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Avita Yoga® uses a variety of shapes and sequences to identify restrictions that impede natural movement and freedom. These attainable shapes promote healing in the here and now, not someday. The results-first approach delivers physical relief and peace of mind. Avita is a practice nearly anyone can do, at any age, to bring more freedom and joy to life.


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Class description

Enjoy two Avita Yoga classes daily to reorganize your body for health and mobility. Avita targets the bones and joints to make them strong and healthy. Shapes are soothing and practical and bring results that you will feel after class. With regular practice, Avita Yoga will clean up arthritis and mild degeneration, all while bringing lasting peace to your heart and mind. 

We'll hold evening gatherings for discussion and meditation to calm the mind and instill healing. Registration includes a boat cruise of the Apostle Islands.


Jeff Bailey is the founder of Avita Yoga. He has a long and diverse yoga background that began in 1985 in Gunnison, CO. The son of a rural veterinarian, Jeff developed an early appreciation for anatomy and physiology, both of which form a basis for the practical nature of a yoga practice. He can reduce the complexities of the body and mind to simple, understandable terms and works with people of all ages to relieve chronic pain and bring more joy to life.

Jeff holds two 200-hour teacher certifications and a 300-hour certification and has logged over 10,000 teaching hours in his lifetime. He heads up the Avita Yoga® Teacher Training program and has graduates worldwide. As a trained Rolfer, Jeff weaves structurally integrative elements into his classes with practical "off the mat" applications in life. Jeff has been a student of A Course In Miracles since 1990. One of its principle messages corresponds perfectly with The Yoga Sutras: to identify and resolve the obstacles to peace and lasting freedom. His consistent dedication to our shared truth has inspired Avita as a uniquely healing approach to yoga.

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