Dr. Anna RothWomen’s Intensive Retreat - Bloom Again: Self Renewal In Any Season

June 1-4, 2023 Go back
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Who could have thought we would be where we are. Trudging through. And yet. These challenging times have provided us fertile soil for the transformation and expansion of ourselves and our lives. It would be just lovely if we expanded the most from ease, but it seems a universal law that we tend to grow most exponentially in response to challenge. 

So boy. 

What an opportunity we have. 

What an opening.  

To harvest the lessons and insights of these past pandemic years and use them to grow.

Now we unthaw and welcome the future with open arms and hearts.

The focus of this retreat is: how, despite all odds, can we intentionally and joyfully bloom again?

Check in: June 1, 2023

Check out: June 4, 2023

Cost: Just a few spaces are still availble for June 1-4, 2023.  Please email Dr. Anna at drannaroth@gmail.com to learn more.

Treehaus Package: $2,296 Total (6 Monthly Payments of $383 or $100 discount for pay in full option) - Designed to promote creativity and community, the Treehaus offers communal living and dining spaces with four individual guest suites. Each guest suite includes a queen bed with an attached European-style bathroom. This is the perfect mix of connection and private space. You’ll have your own bathroom and bedroom but can hang with your housemates between and after programming:)

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Class description

"This retreat was a gateway out of the wreckage of these pandemic years but also provided a path to the parts of myself I neglected or do not yet know. Watching Dr. Anna live in her light as a healer helped me step into my own. Her gift for helping women discover the best and true versions of themselves is unmatched. I am glad to be in her orbit and I walk away with my own star shining brighter."

—April 2022 Attendee


  • Don't feel like you know who you are or what you want out of life anymore
  • Have felt disconnected from yourself and others after these pandemic years
  • Know you are capable of more but feel blocked
  • Don't feel like you are living in alignment with what matters most to you
  • Have this vague sense like you are meant for more you just need help getting clear
  • Are frustrated because there is a gap between who you are and how you are showing up and who you know you can be
  • Are powerful, kind, loving, and giving but you still feel bad about yourself, still feel not good enough 
  • Have heard about feeling powerful, free, self loving, and peaceful but you haven't felt it, or at least not often.
  • Love to grow and develop and put yourself in situations and opportunities where you expand
  • Want to feel alive and vital

Many retreats simply hold space and curate a couple of yoga classes and group meals. The amenities are the focus. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we just want to hang, chill and meet new people. Totally legit. This retreat is not that. Though you will meet incredible women. This is going to be an expertly curated personal development intensive with some nourishing amenities available to assist in your integration of the material.

 This curriculum was months in the making. I am going to challenge you, I am going to ask you to risk, to ask yourself hard questions, to be honest with yourself and vulnerable with others. If you've done work with me before you know that risk is worth the reward. If you haven't done work with me, I'm asking you to trust that it will be. You can watch the women’s experience of my last retreat here or click here to read testimonials.

If you are like me, you want high impact and high results for your money and your time. Some of my biggest results have been catalyzed by the intensive retreat work that I've done. Like years of therapy in one weekend. This is my intention for this time. To really move the needle. To help lift the burden of isolation, the weight of cumulative grief, to help you metabolize these last two hard years and transform it into fuel for what's next. It sounds like it will be hard, but mostly it will feel like relief and catharsis in the safe and communal space of the tribe we will create. 

I'm so ready to meet you if you are ready to invest in yourself and in this work.


In nearly a decade of higher education and over 15 years of clinical experience Dr. Anna studied all of the things that could be wrong with us, only to find that nothing is. Trained as a holistic psychologist and yoga teacher, Dr. Anna integrates all that she knows to help women make themselves a home. Her passion is re-uniting women with their worth, power, peace and purpose. 

Dr. Anna got her PhD in Psychology from the University of MN; is an advanced yoga teacher and Berkely trained executive coach. Currently Dr. Anna runs a virtual coaching practice, teaches on-line courses, and writes on IG @drannaroth. When she isn’t breaking through with her clients, you can find her exploring a new hiking trail, learning how to cook poorly or tending to her flourishing plant obsession.






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Supply List

Journal, Pen, An Open Mind and Open Heart!

Wild Rice Retreat offers mats, blankets, blocks and straps if you prefer not to bring your own.  Chairs are also provided for guests who require them.