Dr. AnnaFall Retreat: Embodied Self Love

September 26-29, 2024 Go back
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Workshops, Yoga Classes, Embodiment Sessions, Guided Visualization and breathwork, sharing circles and more.


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Class description

Women are told the key to everything is loving themselves. 

But is that actually allowed? How do we view women who love, value and honor themselves? Sometimes in high regard, but often in contempt. 

We aren’t taught to care for self, we are taught to care for others. And to love ourselves after everyone else has been served.

We need not only support, but a path to re-learn and claim self love.

 That is what the heart of my work has always been about. Healing your relationship with yourself. Making yourself a home. 

Come learn the  path I have walked with hundreds of clients to greater  self love with me in a brilliant community of women in my Fall retreat “Embodied Self Love” this September 26-29 


Dr. Anna Roth is a Holistic Psychologist, Registered Yoga Teacher & Executive Coach passionate about integrative and embodied approaches to human potential. Heartfelt and holistic, Dr. Anna's method folds in the best of psychology, somatics, spirituality, mindfulness, functional medicine, and yoga to bring about life changing transformation. She obtained her MA & PhD from the University of Minnesota, spending nearly a decade studying all of the things that could be wrong with us, to help us see that nothing is. Above all, Dr. Anna helps people make *themselves* a home. She currently offers individual coaching and retreats and writes on IG @drannaroth. Dr. Anna also has a group practice of body-minded MN based practitioners called SOUL HOUS. When she isn’t deep diving with her clients, you can find her exploring a new hiking trail, learning how to cook poorly or tending to her flourishing plant obsession. For more information on Dr. Anna check out her website here.

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