Deanna LaMont & Valerie RadeckiSpirit of Sedona Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

October 10-13, 2024 Go back
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Sedona, Arizona is a special area where energy is amplified…..what you’re most desiring happens quicker! Valerie and Deanna bring the Spirit of Sedona to Wisconsin in a retreat that holds that same intention. Now…experience the magic of Sedona in Northern Wisconsin with the amplification of Lake Superior’s water element bringing fluidity, flow and movement. 

Check In: October 10, 2024

Check Out: October 14, 2024


TreeHaus: Single Occupancy: $2,280 / Double Occupancy: $1,875 per person

RicePod: Single Occupancy: $2,550 / Double Occupancy: $2,025 per person

Nest: Single Occupancy: $2,730 / Double Occupancy: $2,100 per person

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Class description

Autumn Renewal
The element of Autumn: Symbolizing change. Letting go. Making space for the promise of renewal. Like the falling leaves from the trees, life takes a new course by shedding off the old to usher in the new. 

As the days get shorter and cooler, it is also a reminder to slow down, to bask in the beauty and begin to rest and reflect so that actions going forward are guided by your inner wisdom. 

Delight the Soul
Valerie and Deanna have become trusted retreat hosts that create a safe space to allow deep contemplative dives inward, space for renewal & relaxation, along with uplifting laughter & AHA’s that delight the Soul. 

Wild Rice Retreat Center
We will be enjoying the amazing amenities of Wild Rice Retreat Center - nestled between growing pines and the red rock shores of Lake Superior, Wild Rice is a vibrant resort destination in the Midwest founded on the pillars of nourishment, expression, and movement. Amenities include:

You will leave the Spirit of Sedona Retreat refreshed, rejuvenated, self-empowered and feeling re-awakened to life!



Deanna LaMont: Sedona, AZ

As a Tao Wellness Guide trained in Body & Brain Management, Deanna LaMont is an Uplifter, a Truth Seeker and Intuitive Energy Healer.  Having innate trust in how the Universe works, Deanna assists others in connecting with their true, authentic nature. With over 30 years of tools and trainings to draw on, she intuitively uses any combination from that tool box which includes her connection as an Usui Reiki master, training by Mike Dooley in the Art of Living Your Dreams as an Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer, a Tao Wellness Guide in Gentle Yoga/Meridian Stretching, Mindfulness & Meditation and the empowering connection with Nature. Having over 3 decades of advertising sales experience in Newspaper and Radio, Deanna has fine-tuned her ability in compassionate communication to help anchor her intention of having you feel fully seen and heard.

Valerie Radecki: Minneapolis, MN

Valerie, your vibrant yoga guide since 2010, brings a unique blend of expertise.  Certified in Vinyasa, Yin and Restore Yoga, she crafts an experience tailored just for you.  In Valerie’s classes, it’s all about embracing your individual journey.  Picture conscious movement synchronized with breath and music, creating a space where everyone feels at home.

Valerie’s sessions are infused with Love, Joy and Acceptance, nudging you to uncover the Truth and Light within.  Her intention? To help you escape the chatter of your mind, guiding your body in a dance with breath tailored to your self-care needs.  As a Reiki Master, she adds an energetic touch to her classes.  Beyond yoga Valerie dives into Qi Gong, Breathwork and Meditation and is always up for learning new modalities of self-care and sharing with others. As a resident of the midwest, she is excited to provide this next retreat during the breathtaking, magnificent season of fall!

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