Constellation Acupuncture & Healing ArtsRelease + Restore: A Seasonal Retreat for Letting Go

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Join Amy Kuretsky and Kim Christensen of Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts at Wild Rice Retreat in Bayfield, Wisconsin for a 4-day, 3-night seasonal retreat based in Chinese medicine to support you in letting go.

Fall is the time of the year when daylight hours shorten and the weather becomes cooler, signaling a shift to a more yin state. Taking a cue from nature, we can see that this is time to turn more inward, taking stock of our lives and working to bring stability and structure to the things that nurture us most. From a Chinese medicine perspective, the season of autumn is associated with the element Metal. 

The metal element invites us to hold on to what nourishes us and let go of what no longer does. 

The act of letting go can be difficult; we are challenged to retain only what is needed, and release the rest. In this process, the metal element becomes stronger and more resilient, providing us with support for the long winter ahead.

Through small group workshops, guided experiences, and time to unwind in nature, this retreat provides the opportunity to turn your gaze inward, reflect, and release, allowing for deep restoration. 

After a weekend of guided facilitation and heartfelt connection in nature, our hope is that you leave feeling lighter, grounded, more expansive, and have greater clarity on the priorities, boundaries, and practices that will serve you moving forward.

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Class description

This retreat will help you lean into the season of letting go through group workshops exploring seasonal self-care and food therapy, guided experiences like breath work, meditation, and journaling, and a seasonal Chinese medicine-inspired menu planned specifically for our group.


Non-Accomodations: n/a

Treehaus Twin: n/a

Treehaus Queen: (SOLD OUT) $1875 - Early bird rate ($1975 - Rate for registrations after May 31st early bird deadline.) 

Ricepod Twin: $1612.50 - Early bird rate per person.  ($1712.50 -  Rate per person for registrations after the May 31st early bird deadline.) Feel free to email us if you want to make sure there’s two spots in the same cabin available if you’re coming with a friend!

Ricepod Queen: (SOLD OUT) Solo: $2100 - Early bird rate ($2200 - Rate for registrations after May 31st early bird deadline.)

Nest: Solo: $2250 - Early bird rate ($2350 -  Rate for registrations after the May 31st early bird deadline.)

Double Occupancy: Shared: $1725 per person - Early bird rate. The couple King is great for anyone who wants to share this experience closely with another person! ($1825 - Rate per person for registrations after the May 31st early bird deadline.) Two people sharing space are required to receive this rate.


Amy Kuretsky, L.Ac and Kim Christensen, L.Ac, the co-owners of Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts, are both dedicated to providing affirming, whole-person health care, prioritizing a personalized approach rooted in transparency, empowerment, and education.

After opening the clinic in 2017, they put their focus and attention into growing and cultivating the clinic’s team of practitioners and stewarding the clinic through the tumultuous years of the pandemic. Just like many of you, they felt ready to begin shedding much of the trauma, grief, and exhaustion from the past few years. But possibly unlike some of you, they did so by leaning into their Chinese medicine background to assist the release. 

The tools they relied on are exactly the tools they’ll be sharing with you at this retreat: acupuncture, food as medicine, breath work, dry brushing, writing, and so much more.

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