Carla BoschFearless Painting En Plein Air with Carla Bosch

September 25 - 29, 2022 Go back
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When you see a beautiful landscape, do you perceive it with your eyes only? Is it purely visual? What about the broader context? Imagine if we can learn to communicate this context through fearless painting. Imagine confidently showing us what you see in the subject matter.

Check In: September 25 - 4 PM
Check Out: September 29 - 1 PM

Tuition + Meals: $1,155
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Class description

Life is beautiful and we perceive this beauty with more than just our eyes. We feel, smell, experience, and indeed see. Your subject matter makes a multifaceted impression on you and you have the freedom to explore way beyond strictly visual impulses. This retreat is designed to help guests explore and paint fearlessly.

We will…

Have fun
Learn about perspectives and about the power of shadows
Focus on values and color use
Crush our fears
Try to loosen up our strokes where needed
Have fun
Learn about drawing and design
Learn about using acrylics while painting en plein air
Have fun
Paint fearlessly from the eyes of our souls

We’ll use the studio as our base where we’ll learn, and do exercises implementing the covered concepts before venturing outside. Bayfield’s autumn colors are ideal for our en plein air sessions. Time will be set aside for Q&A, and we’ll learn from each other during our critique sessions back in the studio. All experience skill levels are welcome. Did I mention we’re going to have fun?

Hope to see you at the Fearless Painting En Plein Air Retreat!


  • A solid understanding of painting fundamentals
  • An understanding of when and where to apply these fundamentals
  • A fearless approach to painting


Carla’s life of color started January 14, 1976 in Pretoria, South Africa. And perhaps it was spring’s flood of purple Jacaranda blossoms in this very city that one day inspired Carla’s bold use of color.

After finishing an Interior Design diploma at the Tshwane University of Technology, Carla’s love for painting took over. Hard work paid off as numerous well-recognized art galleries requested her work. Most of these galleries are loyal supporters to this day, and three of the most recognized art galleries in South Africa have hosted extremely successful Carla Bosch solo exhibitions.

The warmth and cheerfulness of her landscapes, her coastal and her street scenes are true to Carla’s vibrant personality, and her giving nature is evident in her liberal use of bright colors. She loves painting plein air and is equally at home in her studio where Carla prefers to use images more as reference points than images to replicate. Carla enjoys giving her impression of the subject matter, and she approaches a blank canvas with absolute creative boldness. This impressionistic approach allows her to paint from the eyes of her soul, and maybe this is why there is such powerful emotion within her artwork. Carla works primarily with professional acrylics on stretched canvas.

In 2019 Carla was juried into the fantastic En Plein Air Texas and subsequently granted an award of excellence. Carla has also, for the fifth year, been invited by the Crystal Cove Alliance Art Council to join a select group of plein air artists in showing their original paintings in the Crystal Cove 2019 Fine Art Program. She was honored to be included in the 2020 Door County Plein Air Festival Invitational, and Carla was also invited to teach and show her work at the Artlife Fest 2020 in Moscow, Russia. En Plein Air Texas 2020 honored Carla with both the Museum Purchase Award and the coveted Best Body of Work Award. Carla was invited back to both the 2021 Door County Plein Air Festival and En Plein Air Texas 2021.

While Carla’s art finds its way all over the world, she and her family now reside in the United States, where she continues to share her impressions of life with brush, palette, canvas and paint.

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Supply List


I work in acrylics. You don’t have to use acrylics during the workshop but it will make the workshop a bit easier for you. Below is a list of colors I will use during the workshop. I recommend you bring the first 9 mentioned colors or whatever you have that is very similar. You are welcome to bring the 5 optional colors as well, but we can go without it and mix colors as we go.

I prefer Golden Colors Heavy Body Acrylics. Other professional brands I use are Da Vinci Artist Colors and Windsor & Newton. You don’t have to buy from these manufacturers but try to buy heavy body acrylics and buy the best quality paint you can afford. The quality of the paint does make a huge difference.

Most Important Colors:

    • Titanium White
    • Cad Red Light
    • Alizarin Crimson
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Green Gold
    • Paynes Gray
    • Burnt Umber
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Cad Yellow

Optional Colors:

    • Naples Yellow
    • Light Violet
    • Cad Orange
    • Mars Orange
    • Cobalt Blue


  • Plein Air Easel (or easel that can be transported outside fairly easily)
  • Paper towel
  • Deep enough jug/tub to hold water for your brushes
  • Brushes: At least one flat and one small round brush
  • Canvas: At least 7 canvases (Around 12”x16” is probably ideal.)
  • Ruler - A 12” ruler should work fine
  • A 24 sheet oil/acrylic pad (9”x12” or 11”x14”)