Amie Heeter & Fannie HungerfordWave of Beauty, Wave of Bliss: A Summer Yoga & Meditation Retreat

July 30 - August 4, 2023 Go back
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At summer’s zenith, halfway between the solstice and equinox, we’ll come together and celebrate the fullness of the season with a week of replenishment and celebration. Set in the lush northwoods along Lake Superior’s southern shore, we’ll bathe our senses and come alive with yoga and meditation, connection in nature, and the opportunity to welcome rest. Unplug and revel in an intentional week of pressing pause, reconnecting to nature and yourself, and supporting your renewable wellness. Utilizing the timeless teachings of yoga, we will infuse awareness, welcome vitality, and kinship with our wise hearts and one another.

Check In: July 30, 2023
Check Out: August 4, 2023

Tuition + Meals: $1,200
With TreeHaus Lodging Package: $2,185
With RicePod Lodging Package: $2,695
With Nest Lodging Package: $3,145

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Class description

Join Fannie Hungerford and Amie Heeter for this heart quenching 5 night/6 day yoga & meditation retreat nestled along Lake Superior’s shore. Yoga as a sacred tradition brings us into a deeper connection with life; harmonizing our inner and outer worlds and expanding our sense of self and what gifts we have to offer in this life. We often find ourselves looking outside of ourselves for our gifts, for fulfillment; and forget the abundant beauty and love and wisdom that already exists within or in the simple surroundings of Nature. At this retreat, with the powerful presence of Lake Superior by our side, we will turn to nature and integrative yoga practices to remember the beauty and bliss that is palpable in ourselves and the natural world.

This retreat will include several spokes on the wheel of practice, including movement, breath work, meditation, yoga nidra, self inquiry, and plenty of time to commune with nature. All levels of practitioners are welcome! Let’s swim, bathe our senses in the forest, and rest in the supportive surroundings of this exquisite retreat space. Each day we will offer a creative weaving of practices, free time, and opportunities to explore the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Amie and Fannie recognize the felt and sacred charge of this region is due in part to Lake Superior's indelible presence and also to the longtime stewards of this region known as the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe. They have called this region home for millenia. A portion of received profits will be donated to the tribe to honor them and their part in protecting and shaping this place.


  • A deep sense of replenishment in body and mind after a week with yoga practice and nature's medicine
  • Embodied knowing of the inner beauty you possess and the well of bliss that surrounds you, ultimately embracing all of ourselves and feeling connected to our heart's wisdom
  • Tools that help us feel supported as we all navigate the challenge of these times


AMIE HEETER is a nature enthusiast, adventurer, and life long learner particularly motivated by the intersection of mind/body traditions of the East and modern research sourced in neuroplasticity in the West. As a yoga and meditation teacher since 2003, she regards the systems of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness as some of the best technologies available to sustain health in the body, cultivate stability and resilience in the mind, and open pathways in every heart. She hosts group courses, private coaching, and regularly leads retreats regionally and abroad.
Also a lifestyle photographer, Amie is a visual storyteller who loves to capture the wonder of the world around her. She recently took part in documenting the release of wolves into Isle Royale National Park, and photographed tours she co-led in Thailand, the south of India and Morocco. She lives in Madison, WI, with her husband and two daughters.

FANNIE HUNGERFORD is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Iowa City, IA. Fannie has been teaching yoga since 2008, has trained extensively with Rod Stryker of ParaYoga, and specializes in yoga nidra and deep rest practices. Current mentors include Yoli Maya Yeh and Tracee Stanley, as well as her amazing colleagues. She relishes co-creating teachings based on who is present, what is naturally arising in the moment, and the wisdom of the earth. In addition to yoga, Fannie is a dancer and performer and is in graduate school to receive her licensure in marriage and family therapy.

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Supply List

  • Yoga mat
  • Scarf or lightweight eye pillowl to cover the eyes during yoga nidra and blanket for covering the body
  • A preferred meditation cushion if already owned
  • Any personal props you wish to use (Wild Rice Retreat offers use of yoga mats, blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters if you prefer not to bring your own)