Amie Heeter and Fannie HungerfordLumination: The Art of Seeing - A Meditation and Yoga Nidra Retreat

July 25 - 29, 2021 Go back
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Dive deep among the sanctuary of the forest at Wild Rice Retreat along the Superior shoreline and explore meditation and yoga nidra, along with mindful movement, breath and writing exercises.

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Class description

Luminosity. Clarity. Creativity. Joy. Wisdom.

We invite these qualities as centerpieces of our experience on this 5 day journey together. We will dive deep, among the sanctuary of the forest and Superior shoreline, tuning our inner instrument of perception through the gifts of stillness, sacred rest, inquiry and community.

While it is important to have guides and mentors in our lives, our true progress on the path accelerates when we recognize that we contain a wealth of wisdom within, and are actually carriers of the universal pulse of creativity and belonging that sustains us all.

We will draw from methodologies that inspire inquiry and insight, both disciplined approaches and creative unleashing, to unlock your own potential and access Dhi – our inner wisdom. Our daily practices will highlight meditation and yoga nidra, as well as movement (think yoga, mindful walking, dance!), breath, time in nature.

In addition, we’ll incorporate several playful and more experimental approaches of ritual, writing, and creative sourcing. All of our experiences will be aimed at revealing the inner wisdom keeper, for once we know how to recalibrate ourselves and forge this connection, we empower ourselves to become the guides of our paths.


Amie Heeter is a nature enthusiast, adventurer, yoga and meditation teacher, and lifelong learner particularly motivated by what sparks our drive for connection and purpose. Drawing from 20 years of study and practice in the tradition of yoga, as well as from modern neuroplasticity research and mindfulness, since 2004 Amie has taught individuals ways to sustain health in the body, cultivate stability and resilience in the mind, and open pathways to the heart and the possibilities life holds. She hosts group courses, private counseling, and regularly leads retreats regionally and internationally. Also a lifestyle photographer, Amie is a visual storyteller who loves to capture the wonder of the world around her. She recently took part in documenting the release of wolves into Isle Royale National Park and photographed an intimate tour in the south of India. She lives in Madison, WI with her husband and two daughters.

Fannie Hungerford is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Iowa City, IA. She and Amie have been colleagues and collaborators for years - traveling to India, Costa Rica, and Colorado together. Steeped in the teachings of ParaYoga and the Himalayan Masters, and guided by the wisdom of the moon, Fannie shares methodology for living a more vibrant and loving life.

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Supply List

  • Yoga mat
  • Scarf or lightweight eye pill to cover the eyes during yoga nidra and blanket for covering the body
  • A preferred meditation cushion if already owned
  • Any personal props you wish to use (Wild Rice Retreat offers use of some yoga mats, blocks, mexican blankets, straps and bolsters)