Graham Keegan: Indigo + Shibori Exploration: From Seed to Dye | July 19-23, 2020

Graham Keegan: Indigo + Shibori Exploration: From Seed to Dye | July 19-23, 2020

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During this retreat you’ll learn how to extract pigment from indigo leaves, and transfer its rich color onto cloth, from palest blue to deep indigo.

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Check In: Sunday, July 19, 2020 | Check Out: Thursday, July 23, 2020

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Indigo, the pigment extracted from a multitude of plants and used worldwide to color textiles for millennia, is notoriously enigmatic. In this course, Graham will demystify the process (but maintain the magic) of working with indigo. We’ll learn how to extract pigment from leaves and transfer that color onto cloth! We will dye fabrics in a range of colors from the palest blue to deep indigo. We’ll learn how to fold, clamp and bind fabrics to be able to create an infinite array of patterns on cloth.

This class is recommended for all levels of experience. We will be be exploring the dye process from start to finish in a way that is exciting for novices and offers insights to even the most seasoned dyers.


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All necessary dye, and pattern making supplies will be provided by the instructor in addition to sample cloth. Students are invited to bring their own cloth or garments to dye. Lightweight, natural fibers work best. Please no large items like towels and bedding, and avoid heavy cloths like denim and canvas. The instructor will also have fabric yardage, specifically chosen to be used for this process, available for purchase at cost.


Graham Keegan is a textile designer working exclusively with plant based pigments. Constantly exploring new recipes and the historical record, Graham hones and teaches natural dye processes from his workshops in Los Angeles and Vermont. He specializes in creating intricate repeat patterns using hand block printed, painted and indigo dyed textiles.

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