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Beyond Foam Rolling: Understanding and Self-treating Muscle, Joint, and Chronic Pain

This workshop will enable you to learn how to prevent and treat rotator cuff problems, painful joints, tendonitis, neck, back, hip and knee issues, improve personal and athletic performance, range of motion, and ease of movement.  You will also learn about pain mechanisms and get out of pain now.

Join Dr. Marty Kestin, orthopedic massage, movement therapist and educator in a fun, practical workshop.  Marty's extensive experience and out-of-the-box thinking will empower you to better understand and self-treat your acute/chronic pain and muscular and orthopedic issues.

Learn more about class format and what to bring by clicking here.

Investment: $130 (lunch included, vegetarians welcome)

Lodging available.

To register, call (715) 779-0178.

Contact Dr. Marty Kestin with questions about the class.