Awake Retreat by Chelsey Korus

It was a privilege to kick off my retreat season this year at the Wild Rice Retreat center in Bayfield Wisconsin.  A nature connection is imperative to the work I do on retreats, and the Wild Rice Retreat center definitely delivered!  My retreats are always focused on a deep connection to the natural world.  It helps us learn how to nourish our soul and return home to our true nature.  

 The beautiful woods surrounding the building made the perfect playground for our afternoon activities. The gorgeous light that streamed into the windows during the morning practice warmed our hearts and the space.  The deck provided the perfect spot for our early morning meditationsto sit in the stillness of the land around us.  And because it was so easily accessible students were constantly returning there to journal, chat or just sit. 

Knowing that Mother Nature is our greatest teacher and guide into the soul, I was all in when the students requested we make a day trip to Madeline Island for some time in the water. The team at the Wild Rice Retreat center was incredibly accommodating to our spontaneous adventure. The kitchen prepared a gourmet picnic lunch for us to take along.  We spent most of the day swimming and jumping off cliffs.  It was incredibly moving to watch the students all support each other as they pushed against their edges, and faced their fears head on. 

The students all left with the tools to source their own nourishment from within. I would like to thank the wonderful team at the Wild Rice Retreat center for their help in creating the nourishing and supportive environment for everyone.  

If you want to learn the language of your soul, I’ll be heading to Bali in December.  Be sure to check out my website for all the details and to sign up for my newsletter to stay informed!