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Postural, Manual and Movement Therapies for Orthopedic Conditions and Chronic Pain

For the whole person: spirit, mind, and body

Designed for the health and wellness professional, offered with 6 continuing education credits.

Enhance your postural, palpation, and assessment skills, learn unique and simple postural and movement self-care solutions for clients and therapists, engage your peers in a palpation lab that will enhance your skill set, sensitivity, and positive treatment outcomes.

Join Dr. Marty Kestin as he shares his 23 years of experience incorporating rehabilitation, the Egoscue Method, and the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais: natural plasticity trigger point and myofascial therapies and essential problem solving skills.

Investment:  $150 (lunch included, vegetarians welcome.

Lodging available.

Register by calling (715) 779-0178.

Contact Dr. Marty Kestin with any questions about the course and credit offerings.